Blaguss im Jahr 1951

Blaguss – an Austrian success story

It all started in June 1926, when the company founder, Paul Blagusz, received a license to trade in eggs, butter, poultry, game, fruit and mushrooms - just three years later, the trader became a delivery company. While the vehicle fleet initially continued to grow, operations had to cease during World War II after the German Wehrmacht confiscated all vehicles. In 1942, Blagusz managed to keep three trucks ready for urgent commercial deliveries.

However, after the war ended in 1945, all vehicles were seized and confiscated by the Russian Allied Forces. During the period of reconstruction, Paul Blagusz sees the future of the company in scheduled flights, and the focus shifts to passenger transport. Today's "Blaguss Reisen GmbH" is finally founded in May 1970. 

High up - Blaguss connects Europe

Blaguss already paved the way for national and international scheduled routes in the 1970s with many ideas and great ideas. As a result, the company and gains a reputation in the industry, including in Eastern Europe. In addition, the tourism and transportation businesses gradually became intertwined - travel agencies, charter bus rentals, scheduled routes, and then the operation of the Vienna International Bus Terminal were also part of the company portfolio. Since then, Blaguss has been a strong player in the transport and travel industry, with several locations, especially in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.


High quality requirements from the very beginning

In 1999, Blaguss was the first bus company to receive the "Bus OK. driver OK. everything OK." quality and safety seal from the Transport Safety Council and ÖAMTC. At Blaguss, quality and safety have always been the primary concerns, which is why Blaguss bus drivers regularly attend driving technology courses and safety seminars - far beyond what is required by law. With an average vehicle age of only two years, the company has one of Europe's safest and most modern bus fleet.



The fact that Blaguss has always had a spirit of innovation has been proven not least in dealing with the topics of sustainability, ecology and Covid-19. All buses meet the highest ecological requirements of the Euro VI standard, which has enabled to reduce their CO2 and NOx emissions by 87% and 97% since the 1990s.


Long story, even longer future

In the meantime, the 3rd generation family company under the management of cousins ​​Thomas and Paul Blaguss with its employees is a shining example of corporate success. The Blaguss fleet is one of the most modern and safest bus fleets in Europe. Bus rental with drivers is just one of the many services that Blaguss offers among its wide range of services. Even though the travel industry has been temporarily shut down by the corona virus, things are now really moving full throttle towards a future that is fun to travel on. The Blaguss story goes back a long way and set the company on a path to success that it is still on today - but it is far from over.